*Villar stream and fountain


The Casal de la Masia del Villar is located in the municipality of Sant Feliu de Codines. This municipality currently has just over 6000 inhabitants (2018). It is located in the north of the Vallès Oriental region -bounding the Vallès Occidental through Gallifa-, and in the south of Moianès. It is a town supported on a mountainous step between the Moianés Plateau and the undulating plains of Valles. On the ground stand out large rocks or codines that give the village its name. There is a lot of wooded vegetation, rather leafy, where pine forests and holm oak groves predominate. In other times, this place was also known as Sant Feliu del Pinyó, since in the 18th and 19th centuries, the exploitation of pine nuts was important in this place.

There are splendid panoramic views to all sides of Sant Feliu de Codines: Sant Llorenç de Munt to the SW; The Montseny to the NE and the Plana del Vallés and the Serralada Litoral to the South.

It is surrounded by two waterways, the Riera del Tenes which descends from the Cingles de Bertí and empties into the Besós and the Riera de Gallifa on the other side of the town which ends at the Riera de Caldes de Montbui.

The Torrent de Villar is a torrent that flows through the terms of Sant Feliu de Codines and Bigues i Riells and flows into the river Tenes until it reaches the Besòs.

Water has probably been a key element in the repopulation of this town and the birth and life of the Masia del Villar.

In the great fire of 1994, the forests around the farmhouse were burned, but fortunately neither the house nor the hermitage were affected. Was it the way the wind blew? For the protective action of the Virgin? The fire stopped just around the hermitage.

From Sant Feliu there are many places of interest to walk, to visit…

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